About Us

About Us


Following of the merger of Jiangxi QiuZheng Law Firm and WoDe Law Firm in 2003, Jiangxi QZ&WD Law Firm has become one of the premier full-service law firms in the Jiangxi Province of P.R. China, widely recognized for its leadership and outstanding success in every area of legal practice. As has been confirmed in numerous peer reviews, law firm rating services, and client reviews, Jiangxi QZ&WD Law Firm enjoys one of the highest levels of client satisfaction and a particularly excellent reputation for the quality of the firm's legal services.

As of November 2018, we have over 170 lawyers with different education background. Many of our lawyers are from top law schools in China. More than half of them have Master of Laws degree and over 10 lawyers have Doctor of Juridical Science/Doctor of Laws degree. The diverse backgrounds of our lawyers provide our clients with a team of experienced legal counselors, skilled at developing effective and efficient solutions for a wide variety of legal issues in a multitude of industries and settings. With a focus on the Jiangxi Province of P.R. China, we serve individuals and businesses of all types and sizes from closely-held companies to large public corporations.

Our Services 

Our goal is simple – to provide the best possible service to our clients, with a full range of legal expertise custom-tailored to meet each client’s particular needs. We have many legal practice groups, each of which is highly recognized for excellence and staffed by leading lawyers in their fields. Our clients choose us because they understand that many legal transactions involve a broad range of legal aspects that require expertise in different areas of law and we could provide all of them. 

Some of our largest practice groups include: corporate legal services, real estate and construction services, international legal services, labor law, capital market, intellectual property, litigation, and financial services. Our international legal services include legal services in fields such as international EPC project, M&A, joint venture, trade & investment, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, international financing, and immigration, etc. 

As a recognized leading law firm in business transactions, we serve corporate clients in various industries. We have been continuously advising and creating innovative legal structures for transactions in a whole spectrum of business areas such as IPOs, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, banking, structured finance, project finance, general corporate, inward investment, commercial property, tax, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and technology. As of November 2018, our capital market transactions have helped business entities to raise more than 100 billion yuan.

Over the years, our lawyers also have undertaken a large number of complex criminal, civil, commercial, and administrative litigations for issues raised in fields such as financial services, securities regulations, real estate development, construction projects, insurance, tort, and labor disputes. Many of these litigations have provincial and country-wide impact.  Some of these cases were selected by the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of China as guiding cases/precedents. 

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of clients including individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, closely-held or family businesses, VC and private equity firms, banks and insurance companies, municipal governments, large public companies, and global industry leaders. Our clients’ markets extend into almost every industry including financial services, retail, professional services, arts, health care, education, manufacturing, technology, construction, real estate and more.

By providing cost-effective and innovative legal services to our client, we greatly added value to our clients’ products and services. We truly believe that our legal services will help the growth of our clients’ business, which, in return, will provide us more opportunities. 

Contact Us 

For Chinese speaker, you may call our general number at 0791-88620098.

For English speaker, you may reach us by phone at +86 137-5577-9153 or by email at [email protected]

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